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 Anytime you are moving someplace new or unsure about who has keys to the property is when you should think about changing them. Hollywood has a low crime rate, with the most prominent threat coming from a one in a twenty-seven chance of becoming the victim of a property crime. 

South Florida is booming, and the roaring economy brings in criminals from other areas seeking to take advantage of vulnerabilities. One place where they can get the quickest access is through extra keys to a house, business, automobile, or commercial property.  The challenge is that most people don’t know when to rekey in Hollywood, FL, or understand the risks. Changing the locks is a priority that should not be ignored, and you need to consider it in specific scenarios. 

Moving In and Out

Anytime you are moving in or out, you need to rekey in Hollywood, FL, all of the locks to ensure no one can access the property. You don’t know how many keys are out there or if they are in the wrong hands. Criminals can take the keys, hold onto them, and once you are in the property, they will use the keys to gain access. They can quietly rob you of your possessions and personal information when you are out. 

The best approach is to call a 24-hour locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that can rekey all of them for you. You want to do this right away and change every lock where someone can gain access. 

Stolen and Lost Keys

Stolen and lost keys are a significant problem, with most people not realizing that anyone can have them. Statistics show that 36.2% of burglaries occur with criminals having a key to gain access to the property. They find stolen keys along with information about who lives there, the address, and valuable data. 

Criminals watch the property and identify a pattern when they can break in such as the person working at select times or traveling. You come back and find that you were robbed with them having all the time they need to do it. Anytime your keys are lost or stolen is when you need to rekey in Fort Lauderdale, FL, right away. It secures the property and makes it more difficult for criminals to gain access.  

Security Upgrades

Security upgrades occur periodically to improve safety and ensure the property has the latest features by maximizing protection. It is a race between innovations and criminals becoming proficient in overcoming them. 

Anytime you are upgrading your security is when you need to rekey in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is advisable to call in a 24 locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to make the necessary changes and installs.  Changing the keys is the first step to controlling access and improving the lock’s capabilities to work with other solutions. 

Purchasing New Equipment

We will often find good deals on security equipment and want to use it to enhance protection levels. We like the ability to work with different types of technology and see what they can do. The problem is that you need to ensure it works well with your current solutions. But do so in a way that creates checks and rekey, with you having more than one solution. It could be between two and five security checks, depending on comfort levels and what offers the most effective safeguards. The new equipment can be integrated into the solution, and you might need to rekey select locks to create the additional layer.  

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