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Locksmiths have been around for ages now and for good reason. As long as there are locks on doors, cars, safes, windows, and more, there will be locksmiths

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When You Need It

Imagine all of the times you have gotten locked out of your home or car with no extra key, forcing you to wait for someone to come with a spare. This is when we find ourselves truly appreciating the help of a locksmith who can quickly come to our aid.

With a locksmith, you are one call away from being able to get back to your day. But it’s not just residential properties that we can assist with, a locksmith can also help when you’ve been looked out of your business or commercial space.

Locked Out Of House Hollywood, FL

All-In Locksmith Is At Your Service!

One of the biggest things we recommend everyone invests in is duplicate or spare keys to have just in case. Though we’d like to think we’re all responsible and don’t actually plan to lose our key, knowing that you have a spare close by helps you rest a little easier. In addition to providing you with expertly crafted duplicated keys, we can also help:


We Can Help!

Here at All-In Locksmith, we have been helping people get back into their homes, cars, and businesses for some time and we have experience in a multitude of areas.

We service Hollywood, Weston, and areas throughout Broward County. Our staff are lockmasters and can get through even the trickiest of locks and expertise or knowledge is in no short supply here at All-In Locksmith. With our team on speed dial, you can say goodbye to calling tow trucks and landlords to help with your lockout.

When you have a lock problem with your home, car, or business, reach out to All-In Locksmith. Whether you are locked out or have a broken lock, we can assist with both to help you get back to your day. We know how frustrating lockouts can be and the last thing anyone wants is to spend tons of money or make multiple calls to get the help they need.


If you find yourself locked out of your home or car, or dealing with a broken lock, then look no further than the locksmiths here at All-In Locksmith. You can contact our team at (954) 997-8372 from 8 AM - 12 Midnight. We look forward to helping you!

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