Car key programming

It wasn’t that long ago that you got two or more keys when you bought a car. Whether you buy a brand-new vehicle from a dealer or from a private seller, the chances are good that you’ll get just a single electronic key. These keys let you lock and unlock the doors, pop the trunk, and start your car. If you lose your key or just want a backup, you need to know how car key programming works.

Transponder Chip

All electronic keys have a transponder chip inside. This chip is similar to the ones used in your PC because they hold important data. It remembers the password to your car’s system. As the key is tied to just your car, you cannot use a similar key. Both cars with a standard ignition system and those with remote start work in the same way. If you need a new key, you’ll want to work with an emergency locksmith like All-In Locksmith.

Onboard Programming

A car locksmith in Hollywood, FL can handle onboard programming when you need a new key. The locksmith will start with a blank key that matches your old one. They insert the key in your vehicle and go through a series of steps to pair the key with your car. It may take a few tries before this works. Keep in mind that you will need a new key fob to use features like the unlock and alarm.

Other Options

You might hire an auto locksmith who has an OBD2 device. These devices are great for running diagnostic tests when your check engine light comes on, or you have another common problem. They also work great for the remote programming of car keys. Using an OBD2 device can cut down on the time it takes to program your new key.

Another option is EEPROM programming. Your locksmith may need to use this method if they can’t find a way to get around your car’s antitheft system. They use tools that find the password and data in your system and add it to the key. An emergency locksmith can often use this method in the field.

Why Do You Need Key Programming?

The most common reason you might need car key programming is that you lock your keys in your car. Instead of sitting in a parking lot for hours until someone shows up with your spare key, you can hire a locksmith to come to your location. Another reason to call a car locksmith in Hollywood, FL is when you want a backup key. Having a spare key handy ensures that you can always use your vehicle, even if you misplace your key or someone else has it.
Remote programming of car keys gives you a new key or a spare key that you can use anywhere you go. You can get a new key and replace your fob to gain control over your vehicle at the same time. Get in touch with All-In Locksmith today to see how quickly you can get a new key.