Keys laying on the ground

Lost car keys have been a hassle since the first automobiles were invented with keys, and you’ll likely need an emergency locksmith service. There comes a time when you lose them, regardless of how vigilant you are.

You still have choices if you lose your keys permanently and need a replacement. Find out what to do if you misplace your car keys with the suggested steps below.

1. Retrace Your Steps

First, take stock of your surroundings, and then think back to when you had the key in your hand. The two most important things to remember are maintaining composure and avoiding danger. Be cautious of passing cars if you intend to look under or around the vehicle. Don’t try to break into the automobile if you see your key inside; doing so will set off the alarm and brand you as a thief.

2. Secure Your Car

It’s safe to assume that whoever went to the trouble of snatching your keys also plans to take your car. Theft of keys is a more practical method of gaining access to a vehicle than hot-wiring it, as depicted in movies, due to technological advancements.

Keeping a second set of keys allows you to get your car to a secure location. A breakdown service can supply towing if you have no spare keys. Besides, it is the only way to get in without a spare key, but it will cost you. A car locksmith will assist you in accessing your car, home, or business with their auto locksmith, commercial, and home locksmith services. 

3. Check if Your Insurer Covers Lost Keys

First, check your auto insurance policy to see if replacing lost keys is covered. Most businesses are happy to offer this service, which usually saves you money compared to buying everything outright.

4. Consult Your Provider for Help 

In the event of a breakdown, you can find a locksmith service provider to assist you in getting back into your vehicle. It is a lifesaver if you accidentally leave the keys in the ignition.

You can receive a replacement set of keys without being concerned about leaving your car alone since some businesses offer key-cutting services that come to you.

5. Get in Touch With a Franchised Dealer 

Make sure you contact a dealer for your car’s brand if you need an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) duplicate key. It is something that usually takes work and effort. You will be issued a replacement key that is functionally identical to the lost one, and any additional features, such as a hands-free boot release, will be transferred to the new key.

6. Contact a Locksmith in Your Area 

Seek emergency locksmith services in Hollywood in case of a genuine key loss without a spare. Ensure your locksmith is familiar with laser-cut or keyless entry technologies, not just the conventional key fob.

Keep several trustworthy locksmiths on hand because you need to realize when you might need one. However, even the most skilled locksmiths may be stumped by unusual keys, so you’ll need to contact your vehicle’s manufacturer or dealer for assistance.

Contact the Experts Today

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