Emergency locksmith in Florida!

Are you having issues with your door lock?  There are high chances of facing one of the usual door lock troubles. Maybe your door key broke, or the lock froze and hence, isn’t accepting the key inside it. Knowing what went wrong with your lock system can help you call for an emergency locksmith for the repair right away.

Keep your possessions and loved ones safe inside your home as you ensure working door locks. But if your door lock gives you a headache, here’s a quick guide! Below are the five common door lock problems that you must know beforehand. 

  1. Door Latch Doesn’t Latch 

Misaligned door latches prevent them from latching correctly. As a result, the lock doesn’t shut and hence, doesn’t lock securely. If you’re lucky, you can repair this by adjusting the placement of the strike plate. You can tighten the hinge screws and loosen the screws of the strike plate to shift its position.

A bit of a DIY is more than enough to correct the misplaced door latch and allow it to work smoothly. Sometimes, though, you might have no other option than to call for professional help to add a new lock for the door. 

  1. Broken Key Stuck Inside The Lock 

It’s a nightmare if half of your key breaks and gets stuck inside the lock. Broken keys are often one of the primary door lock issues most people face every day! You can rectify the situation is by using pliers to try and pull the key out. 

If pliers don’t work, it’s always safer to contact skilled locksmiths. Don’t be forceful in pulling the broken key out. You might cause the chipped piece to insert deeper into the lock!

  1. Stiff Locks 

Your lock might feel difficult to open during extreme winters or rainy seasons. It’s because dust or dirt might pile up in the locks and block the mechanism. So, as you insert your key, you will need to apply some pressure to turn it over. 

The best hack for washing the stiffness away is spraying lubricant spray on the lock. A pro-tip: it’s better to avoid oil-based sprays or lubricants like WD-40. They might do the job temporarily but might cause greater lockage in the long run.

  1. Malfunctioning Door Mechanism 

The age and use of door locks can affect their easy functioning. So, if your locks are old or have experienced rough wear and usage for a prolonged time, then the mechanism is bound to malfunction. Faulty door mechanisms can also result from a lack of regular lock maintenance. 

Therefore, you must schedule frequent door lock inspections and reduce the risks of facing defective door locks. If you’re stuck with faulty locks, the best way to solve the issue is by calling a skilled locksmith right away! 

  1. Loose Knobs  

Time and excessive use can loosen your doorknobs. Seeing the dangling knobs that rattle and shake as you try to lock or unlock doors can be frustrating. But thankfully, repairing the looseness isn’t a challenging job!  

Loosening the setscrews to fix the doorknob correctly and then tightening the screws for snug-fitting can solve the door lock issue. However, be sure to inspect the spindle as you fix the knob. Worn out spindle indicates that you must buy a new lockset right away. 

Reach Out To An Emergency Locksmith Right Away! 

If your door doesn’t lock, the first thing you must do is get a duplicate key right away. You certainly don’t want to be locked outside your house while it’s freezing outside during winters. Or worse, imagine sweating because of the blazing sun during summers because you’re locked out of your home. You can’t sleep peacefully at night either, knowing your main gate isn’t locked and closed securely! 

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Have the emergency locksmith on your speed dial, and never panic again about your door lock issues!