When you spend time in your home, you should feel at ease without working about the risk of a break-in. The types of locks that are present on your doors will determine how easy it is for an intruder to break down a door and enter the building. There are a few top home locks to install on your property in Hollywood, Florida, to ensure you can increase your level of protection.

1. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are considered to be the most common type of lock installed on doors that provide access to the outside of the home. They’re extremely strong and durable, with a locking mechanism that resists attacks that can occur. They also aren’t as susceptible to tools or weapons. Single, vertical, and double deadbolt locks are available for increased versatility. Single deadbolts are the most common, and double deadbolts allow you to lock or open the door with a key on both sides.

Deadbolts are quick and easy for a home locksmith from a company like All-in Locksmith to install to ensure the door is secure. An emergency home locksmith can also unlock a deadbolt without causing damage to the door if you become locked out of the building.

2. Smart Locks

More homeowners in Hollywood, Florida are installing smart locks in their homes due to their advanced designs and how convenient they are to use. Smart locks can connect to a smartphone device, making it easy to lock and unlock the door from a remote location to ensure you can have more control over your home security. They also come with multiple customer codes for different family members or friends to use to access your home. A residential locksmith is qualified to install a smart lock to ensure it works correctly and is connected to your devices.

3. Padlocks

Padlocks are unique because they have a freestanding design and aren’t attached to doors, making them portable. You can install a padlock that comes with a combination or key. The mobile design of this type of lock makes it easy to recognize and know how to use. They’re often constructed with shackles and raised shoulders. You can move this type of lock to other features on your property, whether you need to lock a gate or a shed, allowing the lock to be used in multiple ways.

4. Cam Locks

Cam locks are built with a fastener and a cam, which moves when you insert a key. This lock is ideal for smaller doors, whether you need to lock your garage or a cabinet in different areas of your home.

5. Knob Locks

Everyone is familiar with knob locks, which are commonly used on interior doors throughout the building. They’re easy for a home locksmith to install and aren’t durable enough to be installed on exterior doors. They’re also easy to unlock if you get locked out of a specific room in your home and need an emergency home locksmith.

Understanding the different locks that are available for your home can provide you with plenty of options, whether you need to increase your level of security or change the locks once you move into a new home. You can reach out to our team to obtain the services of a residential locksmith.