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When you lose your keys, it can be a frustrating ordeal. If this has happened to you more times than you can count, we hope you have our 24 hour locksmith company on speed dial. If you would rather not lose your keys anymore, we have several practical solutions you can apply. We guarantee you won’t lose your keys if you apply these tips, so let’s get to them!

Have a Designated Spot

If you put your keys in the same spot every day, you would never have to worry about finding them. This first tip is proof that sometimes the most effective solutions are also the easiest. Many people enter their home and drop their keys in the nearest or most convenient location at the time. As a result, that location varies, and when it’s time to head out, they can’t remember where they put them. Your designated spot can be a key wall mount, a bowl on the living room table, or a small drawer. It doesn’t matter where you choose, as long as you always choose that location.

Use Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

This is an effective technique you probably never thought of. It makes perfect sense: if you make your keys stand out, no matter where they are, they’ll be easier to locate. How can you make your keys stand out? Using brightly colored glow-in-the-dark paint is our favorite option. Keys that are beautified with glow-in-the dark paint will practically calling out “here I am!” During the day, the brightly colored paint will have a similar, albeit less effective result. The only way this won’t work is if they’re hiding underneath an object.

Buy a Key Ring

As you may already know, it is more difficult to lose a key ring than to lose a single key. You may already utilize this useful tip, as these days, most people carry around key rings. However, if you don’t have one, purchase one today. Add all your keys and keychain accessories, like a lanyard, to bulk it up.  

Get a Spare Set

This is another seemingly obvious tip that not everyone puts into practice. If you don’t have a spare set, we recommend getting one or two made, especially if you are prone to losing your keys. We know how expensive duplicating car keys can be, which is why we offer solutions that are more affordable than the dealership. Our team knows how to duplicate and replicate any variety of model, make, or year car keys. When you have a spare made, make sure to keep it in the same location. That way you don’t end up losing your original and spare. That would be a headache!

Buy a Key Tracker

If for whatever reason, you can’t be bothered to apply these useful tips, then we recommend buying a key tracker. Also known as a key finder, this little device will allow you to press a button on your phone or tracker remote. If your key is tagged and within a certain radius, the tag will beep, alerting you to the key’s location. Not all trackers are of equal value, so we recommend doing your research. Compare features and prices, as one can be as expensive as $45, while others are less than $10.

Check Before You Go

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that we have lost or misplaced our keys, it’s that we forgot them. Walking out of the house with your keys still inside is only slightly less inconvenient than losing them. After all, you’re still locked out of the house. The same applies to locking your keys in your vehicle. To avoid an accidental lock-out, make a habit of checking your keys before you leave your car and home. This may be easier said than done, but all it takes is a little practice to create a habit.

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We hope these tips will be helpful in the future. Losing your keys is stressful and frustrating. Why not take the necessary steps to avoid it? When you do have a problem, don’t forget that whatever your needs, from car lockouts to lost keys, our team can help. For years, we have helped residents and business owners with their locks, keys, and security problems. We service Broward, Weston, and Hollywood. Let us be your first choice for a 24-hour locksmith. Contact All-In Locksmith or call (954) 997-8372.