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Locked out of your house in Hollywood, FL?

Getting locked out of the house can be a terrifying ordeal, especially when you are short on time like after leaving the oven or stove on while cooking or when you have a pet or child inside.

Don’t panic. We know just what you need to do.

Getting Locked Out of Your House

Here is a step-by-step solution of what you should do in case you get locked out of your house in Hollywood, FL.

  1. Start Calling for Help

If you have your phone on you, start calling people who may have a spare key and can come rescue you, this could be your roommate, friend, tenant, landlord, partner, parent, or sibling. If you live in an apartment complex, reach out to the on-site manager. However, they may charge you a lockout fee.

If you have left your phone inside the house, rush to your closest trusted neighbor and ask to use their phone.

Oftentimes, many people do not share a spare key with someone, or the person you have shared a key with cannot reach you in time. This is okay, although, we recommend you share a spare key with at least one trusted person.

  1. Call a Locksmith

While you are using the phone, call a professional locksmith. If you live in or around Hollywood, FL, this means contacting All-In Locksmith for the best and fastest lockout solutions. If your situation is not time-sensitive, you can call a professional locksmith after you have gone through the remaining steps below.

Moreover, if you have left the oven or stove on or there are children inside who may be in danger, please also contact the authorities to avoid the worse.

  1. Check for Unlocked Doors or Windows

You never know which doors or windows you may have left unlocked. Check all the entry points to see if any one of them is open. While this is great for situations where you are locked out of your house, it is also a warning sign that you need to be more vigilant about locking all the entry points.

If you are entering through a window, be careful when you land because you might lose your balance. Check for furniture or objects before you land to make sure you do not hurt yourself.

  1. Try Unlocking with a Hard Plastic Card

You may not be a professional locksmith; however, if movies have taught us anything, it is that you can improvise tools to pick locks. This is entirely possible, even if it is not as easy as the movies make it look. If you have a standard spring bolt door lock, you can use a credit card or any hard plastic card.

Try to pick a card that is least important, like a subscription card or a gift card, before you opt for your credit/debit cards. Aim for the latch, and slide the card in between the door and the frame – just like in the movies.

Wiggle the card as you push and try to bend it in towards the latch. Push to slide the latch back, and free it from the frame. Once the card is deep enough to slide the latch back in the door, simply push the door to get in.

Remember, if the door is resisting, you have not managed to slide the latch deep enough to get your car between the door and the frame. Stop pushing the door and try again.


Getting locked out of your house is never a good experience. However, don’t panic because there is always a way back in. You can get inside with professional help or through hacks like using a card for standard spring locks.

If you manage to open your door using your card, know that it’s a sign that you need to upgrade your locking system. If you can get in that easily, so can someone else, which is never good. Here are some tips to avoid a repeat incident.

  • Stash a hidden spare key somewhere on your property
  • Give a spare key to a nearby trusted friend or neighbor
  • Consider keyless options, like keyless entry pads that use passwords instead of keys

These practices and locks will ensure that a lockout does not occur again. If you do get locked out of your house in or around Hollywood, FL, remember to contact All-In Locksmith to get you back in and to change or upgrade your locks if you need them.

If you want to learn more about getting locked out of your house or about the best locksmith services in Hollywood, FL, please visit our website today.