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Few things can compare to the gut-wrenching feeling you get when your key snaps in the keyhole of your lock. You are left with a key handle in your hands and little hope of getting in. 

Removing a broken key from a lock is the best thing you can do in such a situation because breaking open the lock will only leave you with a broken lock and key, whereas removing the key means you can continue to use the lock. 

But before you start experimenting with ways to overcome your tragedy, read this post to learn what will help you in such a situation. 

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock 

To safely remove the key, you will first have to fight your initial instincts. For example, most people think they can reinsert the key handle to try and open the lock. This is a huge mistake, as it will only push the broken part deeper into the lock, escalating the problem. 

You won’t need your key handle to remove the broken key, but you may need it later for a residential locksmith to make a copy. So, store it away in your pocket or a safe place till you need it later. 

If your entry is time sensitive, we suggest you immediately call a professional like All-in Locksmith in Broward County before trying the mentioned methods. 

While you wait for a professional, or if you want to DIY it, try one of these methods to remove a broken key from a lock. 

  • Tweeze It 

If the broken fragment is protruding enough for you to use a pair of pliers, tweezers, or your hands to pull it out, go for it. However, you must be careful because each failed attempt may push your key further into the keyhole. 

The tweezers or pliers lose their grip on the key and snap shut if you squeeze too hard. This action tends to push back on the key, which goes deeper into the keyhole. 

  • Try Super Glue 

The use of super glue may sound odd, but it works if you do it correctly. However, you should not attempt this if the broken fragment is visible or more than 2-3 millimeters deep. If not, the idea is to use a small object and superglue it to the fragment, thus allowing you to pull it out. 

Use a small bobby pin, wire, or matchstick and apply some super glue on the tip of it. You need to get the quantity just right. It has to be enough to stick to the fragment but not enough to spill into the keyhole. Too much super glue can block the keyhole, leaving you with a useless, broken lock. 

Then, hold the pin/ wire/ match against the broken key fragment. Once again, you must be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can cause the key to go deeper inside the keyhole. Be gentle and wait till the super glue dries. Once it is stuck, carefully pull out the broken key. 

Do not attempt to open the lock by twisting your match-key! Twisting will only break the bond and bring you back to square one. 

  • Tap The Padlock 

If your lock is a padlock or any lock where the keyhole is facing the ground, you may not need any special products or tools. However, a small hammer may help. The idea is to tap the lock’s cylinder and let gravity pull the broken key out. 

Make sure the lock itself is kept still for this method to work. A moving lock will defeat the purpose because the key will not slide freely. Moreover, you should tap with a little force because a gentle tap won’t get you anywhere. Just make sure you don’t end up with a broken lock as well. 


It is not an easy task to remove a broken key from a lock. Still, it isn’t an impossible one either. When done correctly, the mentioned methods are bound to work. If your attempts result in the key going too deep in the keyhole or damaging the lock itself, it is best to call a residential locksmith. 

We highly recommend All-in Locksmith in Broward County for the best, most secure, and effective locksmith solutions. 

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