Locks are one of the primary forms of security in today’s age but are pretty inconvenient if you’re looking to enter your premises, especially at night. 

Digital locks provide ease of access by removing the need for physical unlocking of doors and gates, making security even tighter. 

Smart locks are quickly becoming more and more popular, and many individuals are opting for better security options for their residential or commercial buildings. 


Using an electronic interface and combining it with the mechanics of a standard locking system, you can make your security tighter by removing the risk of entering through the door. 

There’s no longer any need to fumble around with your keys in order to find the one that fits your lock. 

You can use your smart lock to punch in a pin code and enter your premises effortlessly without disturbing anyone else to open the door. 

Smart locks also make it possible to use voice commands to operate the locking system, which is a relief to those who no longer want to be burdened by the annoyances of physical locks. 

Security is tighter because thieves and burglars often use the short window of vulnerability when people are trying to get into their doors to their advantage. 

Depending on your preference for aesthetics, you can choose electronic dial pads or typical key locks, but both are equally effective at providing strong security for users. 

Building managers or landlords also provide residents in apartment buildings with touch-free smart locks depending on the complexity of security required. 

Advantages of Digital Locks 

There are many benefits of switching to digital locking systems, such as keyless and single-touch entry. 

Authorized users may also control the security remotely with some kind of video surveillance. 

Smart locks can also provide friends and guests with temporary codes to get into the premises. 

Overall, there is much to gain by switching to smart lock systems. 

Disadvantages of Digital Locks 

The problem with switching to digital locks is the risk of hacking. 

Experienced hackers and cybercriminals can find a way to access the security codes that allow entry into residences. 

However, Bluetooth or wireless operated locks combined with Advanced Encryption Standard can easily deter hackers and are a complex form of security that is extremely difficult to gain access to. 

Costing of Digital Locks 

You can expect to pay somewhere between 150 USD and 400 USD for digital home security locks, which isn’t bad at all considering the return you get in terms of security.  

This price includes other related accessories, and costing is cheap overall, making digital locks worth buying. 


You cannot put a price on security, and if you live in an area where there is a risk of burglary, it is all the more reason to invest in proper digital security. 

The traditional doorknob locks are not very safe, which is why many opted for deadbolts and latch locks for extra security. 

The problem is that they prolong the time taken for entry, so the value you get for investing in a digital locking system is priceless. 

Due to the affordability of digital locks in Weston, Florida, they are becoming increasingly common for the general public, taking the concept of security to the next level. 

The cost of installation for digital locking systems is worth the necessity of upgrading your home security, adding a layer of safeguards that will protect all assets and inhabitants from robbers and burglars. 

All-in Locksmith is a company that can provide you with excellent digital locks at a fair price while providing a range of items from which to choose.  

The Latest Locks 

You can opt for biometric scanners to allow access to your residence with a simple swipe of your finger and expect to pay somewhere between 280 USD and 340 USD. 

Proximity locks are also on the rise, which opens using a fob you can carry around in your pocket at all times and costs around 220 USD. 

As soon as you arrive near your area of residence, you can tap the fob button to unlock your door and quickly gain access while scoping the area for any potential activity. 

Smartphone-controlled locking systems are becoming common these days, where locks are easily opened using your phone’s Bluetooth, allowing you to control the entry and use video surveillance to monitor any activity near your premises.  

Certain digital locks also open when they detect your phone’s range, and you will even receive a text if someone else opens the door; these cost around 200 USD. 

Final Verdict 

It is in everyone’s best interest to switch to digital home security locks, and there are many options to choose from in Weston, Florida.