Digital lock on front door of home.

All-In Locksmith is your go-to company for any lock issues – we are your keyless lock experts. Our team of specialists offer professional services for both home and businesses. We are local and ready to solve any lock problem, and our company does lockouts, emergency services, security systems and more. Our team specializes in smart locks that offer convenience and greater security than traditional locks.


Keys get lost, re-keying costs money, and keys are not smart. Electronic locking systems do more than open doors. Commercial customers can have individualized codes for entry and exits. Individuals are recorded so supervisors know who came and went. The codes can be reset or deleted. Everyone has unique codes, so there is no more re-keying and then passing out multiples of the same key.

Auto relocking can be controlled. A door can be left open during business hours and automatically locked at closing. For higher security, the locks can relock after every exit and entry. Remote control can change modes and codes via a smartphone.

Transitioning from Keys in Hollywood Florida

The keyless lock industry is in its fourth generation of development. Keyless locks are more reliable, secure, technologically advanced, and can be integrated with other security systems. Old locking security systems required interior wiring – not so today. Now, you have many more options. Integrated chips allow for many features unknown a decade ago. Key locks are impractical compared to modern electronic locks.

Our Commercial locksmith Inventory

Besides residential smart locks, we have extensive commercial inventories with practically every feature. When you want help upgrading your standard lock to something with more features, call us.

However, if you’re still hesitant to give up your keys, there are some electronic locks with a backup key, just in case. Some have employee identification key cards or fingerprint pads for entering. Add in combination (keypad), fob door openers and facial recognition – you couldn’t ask for more. Keyless locks have anti-hacking features making a breach nearly impossible.

The most crucial factor is our locksmith team’s expertise. We can recommend a locking system to suit your companies’ needs. On-site, we are ready to look at the building’s design and make recommendations based on your needs.

Yes, We Can Install Smart Locks

We are Hollywood Florida’s commercial locksmiths who know customer service is first and last. We provide emergency services for residential homeowners, commercial customers and car owners. We serve you from Deerfield Beach to Weston, and we take pride in fast and individualized service. All-In Locksmith can do anything other locksmiths can do and more. Besides routine lock repairs, we fix scanners, keypads, security devices and update security systems. And, of course, we install digital locks.

Contact us today if you need commercial locksmith services in Hollywood.